What This Is

Welcome to the home of No-Nonsense Life and Relationship Coaching. Some view it as "tough love," some view it as "no-holds-barred," some view it as a "tell-it-like-it-is" style of working with people. Whatever it is, it is more effective that what you have tried before that did not work for you.  It's all right. We will work on it together.


Traditional Therapy? - Cliche

Traditional therapy can sometimes be too esoteric/"heady," and a therapist may be reluctant to actually tell you what to do - or judge what is right or wrong. Let's get real here - every day, we all judge each situation and individual we come across, in one way or another, whether it's attractiveness, level of safety with them, desired level of interaction, etc. You have a problem to deal with, which is why you're here. Political Correctness is not what we need to be focused on right now.


Other Life Coaches? - Comical

Life Coaches, Dating Coaches, Relationship Gurus - they might as well be snake-oil salesmen most of the time. True, there are a few good ones out there, but there is a stigma of New-Age hokey-pokey surrounding them for a reason. Whether it's regurgitating "Law of Attraction" rhetoric or pretending to be a Zen Buddhism master, you may have found them not to be effective for you. They want to sell you services and get you to subscribe monthly to their DVDs/letters of the month, that cost quite a bit.  What do therapists and coaches have in common? They make money the more often you go to them. Before you know it, long programs are created, and you're left frustrated (and poorer) while working on 'tricks' to 'get' girls or 'get' men to commit. 

My Philosophy

How am I different? Fair question. My philosophy is based on "doing" what needs to be done to achieve success in all the ways that are important to you. Life, Love, Work, however you want to define it. I want to show you the PATH on which to accomplish your dreams, and I want you to go out and do it. The sad fact of reality is that we are not all, at a stage of adulthood, able to achieve everything we want. There are external limiting factors, but more important are the internal ones - motivation, ambition, intelligence, passion. There are many among us who will continue to complain, live in unhealthy cycles, deflect, avoid fixing their core issues and basically float through life without inner peace and enjoyment. If this is you, I won't work with you. I don't want your money. I don't need your money. 

My Goal. Your Goal. Our Goals.

My one goal is to help as many people as possible in as little or as much time as I have left in the world. If you feel better by spending your money on self-help, but won't do the hard work required to move forward, I'll stop working with you. It's ok - almost any other coach or therapist will gladly take your money. Unlike other places, you're not being sold my services only to have some trained monkey talk to you. You pay for me, you get me.




Bottom Line.

You're here for a reason. I promise you I will give you what I truly believe in my heart is the most EFFECTIVE advice, push and kick you need to achieve what you want, but haven't been able to. Give me a chance. Start off by ordering a book, or signing up for a 45-minute Coaching Call. Want to test it out? Setup a FREE 10-minute introductory call with me (Dylan@DylanThrasher.com) and feel it out - see if you think I can help you. No obligation, no cost. Why would you NOT do it? I will do my best for you. That is my promise.

- Dylan

You can call it love coaching or relationship coaching. General life coaching, or specifically dating / marriage coaching.   
Whatever you want to call it, I will do my best to make sure you are on a healthy path to get
what you truly deserve and desire.