An Ultimate Dating Tip for 2014 – Don’t Forget the Real World!

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It never ceases to amaze me how people have become so technologically adept at meeting others, starting from the days of video personals to online dating sites to now location-based iPhone apps where in a few simple swipes, you can be on your way to meeting that attractive stranger down the street.  However, what surprises me the most is how many people are foregoing real-life conversations in their day-to-day life where they see people they would want to get to know, yet are completely hesitant in having friendly, maybe flirtatious conversation to see where things can progress, choosing the ‘safety’ of their phone or computer.

Here is your Ultimate Dating Tip – want to be far ahead of other guys/girls out there when it comes to dating & relationships in your town this year? Regain that confidence of yesteryear when we could still say ‘hi’ to the stranger in the elevator instead of just starting at our phones.  When you’re having lunch outside your office park, ask that cute stranger if you can share their table and have a comfortable conversation with them like you would with a friend.  Ask them how their day is going at work and if they went anywhere over the holidays, and watch them ask you the same.  You now have a conversation started.  Ask the person behind you in line at Starbucks what they’re ordering – tell them you want to get away from your usual choice.  The person at Trader Joe’s who you don’t know what to say to?  Let them know that they’re buying a lot of the same things you typically buy, and ask them if they’ve ever eaten at your favorite healthy restaurant since you both seem to have the same eating preferences.

As you can see, there are no pickup lines at work, just everyday casual conversation to meet people in everyday ‘life places’ we all go to.  Most chances are the person you see at the store or the coffee shop won’t be at the same bar you and your friends may go to on Saturday night, when you have your liquid courage flowing.  You don’t need it.  Building an element of choice in the dating arena gives you a better, more compatible shot at a relationship which can work in our town, and that choice is enhanced greatly when you are not beholden to your computer / phone and instead relearn how to meet available singles  out and about in your normal life.   You never know who you’ll end up meeting.

-Dylan Thrasher
Life & Relationship Coach
‘Trying to keep you grounded in the real world as well’ – oriented love coach


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