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As this year draws to a close, I am happy to announce the release of my newest book of 35 chapters full of blood, sweat and tears that is available NOW on Amazon by going to amzn.com/B00RC9L0RO.  Not simply a book about Dating and Relationships, this book covers massive ground ranging from self-improvement to career choices, educational costs to what you have to discuss with your significant other before moving in.  From the official introduction, excerpted below:

There are life lessons out there that as we get older, we think about sharing.  Life lessons fathers did give/ should have given to their sons.  Life lessons our generation has seen from the changing nature of male-female dynamics and changing economies.  I thought about things I realized over the years, along with specific things it would have been helpful for me to see earlier on, and this book started coming to life.  I spoke with some guys who wished their fathers would have taught them some things, and we talked about what one would ideally teach to a hypothetical son today to in order to shape him into a healthy Alpha Male. 

Thus, Section 1 of this book isn’t just about hooking up with women.  It’s about all relationships – family, friends and women.  It talks about love, marriage, single life, casual sex while also incorporating life lessons, and most importantly philosophy about such topics.  Like most of my works, my style is always in line with “Natural” game if it has to be labeled– I want to strengthen the masculinity you already possess to become a complete Alpha Male who thrives.  Thus, Section 2 relates to not just money, but careers, ambition, retirement, accountability, and being the best you can be.  This isn’t a shortcut to getting paid and getting laid.  If you read through the book with the right mentality, however, the goal is to help you improve in both realms.  Some of you may be a little confused by the same book covering money and women matters.  Some of you may find some of Section 2 to be common sense and wonder why it’s even there.  That’s great.  Remember, I want to help both the young Alpha Male starting out in life, along with the older Alpha Male who may want a guide to help out his son, nephew, neighbor or friend. Sometimes seeing someone write thoughts out in a certain way helps validate that which has always been on your mind, but never expressed just so.  

Masculine Mind

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