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Did you guys happen to see my various posts on Match.com’s Happen Magazine?  I was one of the featured dating/love/relationship experts commenting on a variety of topics:

  • Love-Life Gossips to Avoid
    Key takeaway – make sure to speak to your partner more about your relationship worries/problems than random outsiders (or even those you are close to)!
  • How Men Reset a Bad date
    Key takeaway – make sure you know the real reason the date is going badly – is it because of environment, the other person, or your mood?  It’s amazing how things can change so easily sometimes by just changing the location and going from a loud place to a quiet place, for example.
  • Do Jerks Deserve Another Date
    Key takeaway – be fair to yourself and the other person, and really assess the situation – could the problem have happened to anyone and be isolated to that one date?  Does the person otherwise click with you and is worthwhile to give it another shot just in case?   Remember, a night is short, a life is long..

To see all these articles online click on the one you want to read from my Press Page.  Enjoy!


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