The Changing Times of In-Person Interaction

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I was out a few weeks ago where I ran into some friends of friends, and I was amazed that were in a social atmosphere with a good ratio of men to women, yet these guys were glued to their phones the whole time.
They weren’t responding to texts or emails per se, or looking at sports scores.  No, they were jumping aboard the Tinder crazy, where they simply scroll through pictures of women in their area and basically do a simple ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ action, and if the women respond favorably back to the guy who liked her profile they are a ‘match’ and can start messaging each other through the platform right away.

Now, say what you will about online dating vs. offline dating, and even more recently say what you will about location-based dating apps blowing up, but what I would imagine you have to agree with me on is why would someone be using such an app while they have the opportunity to mingle with people in real life?  I almost felt like pulling out life coaching for them right then and there, more so than dating coaching, as I’ve always made the point that we’re already getting far too addicted to our smart-phones and social media accessibility, that we’re losing out on the humanity side.

Were these guys so reliant on the online way of meeting people that they are keeping up with the cutting edge platforms, while being unable to just say ‘hello’ to the beautiful woman next to them in real-life?  How many people out there walk by attractive strangers every day, people they would like to engage with and get to know, people who may be their next great friend, great love, great hook-up of job opportunities, but yet they just walk by and nothing ever gets started.  Instead, they go home and get on their online dating sites recycling the same emails they wrote to 8 other people last week with partial interest, wondering why there’s no real spark or passion in their lives.

I think I remember one of the guys mentioning ‘I use Tinder when I’m in the bathroom and have time to kill.’  Classic.

There’s a real world out there guys.  With men and women in the flesh.  Don’t forget about them.

-Dylan Thrasher
Life & Relationship Coach
‘Trying to keep you grounded in the real world as well’ – oriented love coach

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