Date Coaching

Approaching anyone, anywhere. Making it happen. Phone numbers, dates, choice. Hearing ‘you’re such a good conversationalist’ as much as ‘you’re such a good listener.’ Having the body language that drips confidence. Not playing any games, writing your own game. Appreciating every interaction, and eliminating ‘date fatigue’ that so many go through. Having everyone think that you date so effortlessly, without being aware of your past and how difficult it may have been for you. The new you, the you that demands respect not just from your words, but with actions that others happily give you. They want to get to know you more and more. They want to look at you as not just a date or a few weeks, but as someone that they want to strive to earn. No games, no tricks, no matter whether you’re a man or a woman, this program can work for you – you need to take the first step, however with the Date Coaching program.


Life Coaching

Identifying your dreams. Eliminating roadblocks. Internal and external (i.e. you and the outside world). Achieving your dreams. All life coaching should be centered on this. Let's build the life you want.

Most of my clients come to me for help with dating and relationships, but they overlook the fact that one of the largest factors of success within this realm is based upon your foundation. Are you ready for love? Are you ready to give your all to someone? Are you ready to let them love you?

We look at your life deeply within all aspects: career, friends, family, hobbies, health. Are you a happy person who is accomplishing their goals, or are you living like most? So many faces I see on the road daily are filled with misery, not just from traffic but their lives not being where they wanted them to be years ago. What they spend their time doing all day, where they live, who they live with. The younger we are, the more we hear about the seemingly far-fetched dreams from our peers. As we get older, we hear about so many that have just screwed their lives up unnecessarily. Let’s change that with the Life Coaching Program.

Love Coaching

You could care less on how to get a woman’s phone number, or how to ensure a guy calls you back. You have much deeper areas of concern – your marriage may be crumbling, you may be suffering from a broken heart and the cause is still in the picture, you are head-over-heels with someone and about to take a big jump but just need to feel a little more secure, a little more safe that you’re not going to fall flat on your face. Again.

Being able to love without fear is the greatest feeling of all, one which most unfortunately feel only once in their life, the very first time they had it. After that, we continue to keep building the walls and fortresses and it affects our communication, it affects our interactions, and we feel that we are keeping all the possible hurt out but we never realize just how much good is slipping by us. The Love Coaching program will help you see if you truly are receiving all the love that can be yours, and if you truly are giving all the love out that you truly want to give (even if it scares the hell out of you).


Relationship Coaching

Finding and Attracting the right partner. How to eliminate the games and silliness. Getting all your needs fulfilled in a relationship. How to effectively eliminate damaging behavior in yourself, and how to help your partner eliminate it. Communicating openly and lovingly. Avoiding divorce, and renewing the good that brought you together originally.

Knowing how to work thing out with your partner, without building unnecessarily resentment that will only take a toll on you.

Love. Intimacy. Passion. Support.How to focus on this, and eliminate the noise. Hint - The rest of it is ALL noise. Let’s focus on what’s most important with our Relationship Coaching program.

One 45-Minute Telephone Call

 -Works for one major issue or a few small issues
 -You choose from available days and times
 -Life, Dating, Relationships – anything you want to talk about
 -I will set goals for you and come up with your next steps
 -Follow-up email to check in on your progress: FREE

Only $75
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Five Hours of Telephone Time

 -20% Savings!
 -Use anytime over 120 days
 -Great for making continuous progress
 -Follow-ups from me to keep you moving forward: FREE

Only $300
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Five Email Package

 -You can send me 5 email questions on anything
 -Perfect if you are more comfortable getting your thoughts on paper
 -I will respond within 24 hours under most situations
 -Questions from me to you are FREE and your responses do not take away from your available amount
 -Use anytime over 120 days

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Full Day, In-Person Bootcamp

 -Preparation calls and emails – FREE
 -Intensive exploration of your goals and obstacles
 -Customized program focusing on your areas of concerns
  - -Flirting and attraction
  - -Online dating vs. ‘Real-Life’ (offline) dating
  - -Style / Wardrobe Makeover (if needed)
  - -Mental hurdles: Limiting beliefs
  - -Foundational issues: Lifestyle, Social Circles, Health
  - -Live training: Meeting people daytime and nighttime
  - -Mock dates where you’re observed and critiqued
  - -Finding happiness within yourself and from others
  - -Values and character assessment: What to look for