The Relationship Crisis

Love Coach, Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Marriage Coach, Life CoachYes, our entire nation is undergoing a Relationship Crisis as we speak. Everywhere you look, people have given up on love, on marriage lasting, on commitment, on trust, on giving it your all. Kids and adults alike, 18 or 80, are now engaging in all sorts of casual relationships, as movies get made glorifying them. 'Friends with Benefits,' 'Open Relationships,' 'Booty Calls,' and much worse are terms thrown around by those who no longer believe, or never did in the first place.

I feel bad most for the generation of kids currently in school, without positive role models in this realm. They have divorced parents bad-mouthing each other, older siblings venting about relationships being a burden and love not being real, and the prior generations' dreams of love, marriage and family no longer even registering in their psyche. Romance is not simply dead, it has been neglected and is not even given a chance to breathe. Quick text messages have replaced phone calls, through which people used to get to know each other. Group E-vites now have replaced hand-written letters, letters that used to be kept and re-read over and over. Bonding over dinner has been replaced with squeezing in an extra television show.

Neither this website nor the book being advertised on it is supposed to address simply lessons in romance, though I am sure they will help. Rather, they will help in bringing back quality, healthy, life-changing relationships which inspire, endure and bring out romance.

So to the polygamy, the games, the lying, the cheating, the casual sex, the deception, the insecurities, the dysfunctional, the commitment issues and all the like, we say no more. No mas. Enough.

Let us together bring back purity, virtue, valiance, honor, love, respect, commitment, passion, true happiness, having it all. Giving your all to someone. Sacrificing without even thinking of it as that.

Having a smile on your face all day no matter what else happens during it. Having what others think of as ideals, fairy tales, or fantasy.

Those in committed relationships often are not doing it any better. They've selected the wrong partner, they have no closeness, they feel stuck in a relationship without any spark, and if they are really lucky, they still try to respect each other. The remainder of couples often spend just as much time away from each other and fill up their lives with work, hobbies, friends and flirtations that slowly lead to more. They give up and move on to other unfulfilling relationships, only this time in the form of something casual rather than the disguise of something committed.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Just in case you missed that, no!

There is nothing, bar none, that gives one the strength, the courage, the capacity to achieve, the fulfillment, the peace in your heart that real and genuine love does. You have heard all of the sayings. Love is the most important thing in life. Without love, you have nothing. Love makes the world go around. Why do you think all these ever came to light? Why do you think the majority of music that is written has something to do with matters of the heart? Why do people know this about love but remain so disillusioned with love? Why? Maybe because it seems so hard to do it right, so hard to pick the right person and not let the love go bad. Enough. Enough excuses. Enough pain. Enough torture. Enough disdain.

I will show you how to prepare your foundation so that you can love and be loved like you never have before. I will show you how to pick the right partner, and avoid the messes you have made in your life to date. I will show you how to keep that love pure, true, and LASTING. Real love lasts - it does not fade, change, go away after the kids are born, or lose out to work stress - none of it. Real love is there when you are smiling at each other in bed, or you are holding the person in the hospital as he or she is dying, and you are so thankful for having had the opportunity to share what you did, for however long you were able to. Read my book "How to Find and Create Lasting Love." You can return it for a full refund if you do not get what you were looking for from it. Take your time - I'll give you 60 days, 2 months, 1/6 of a year to read it and decide. With no risk, what are you worried about?

Read the book, and / or take part in my coaching program. We will immerse you in the L.I.P.S. vision. When your relationship is full of Love, Intimacy, Passion and Support, it is refreshing to see how the negatives in other people's relationships don't even exist in your world. How could they? Why would they?

My name is Dylan Thrasher, and I want to do this for you. Give it a shot - it may just change your life.

You can call it love coaching or relationship coaching. General life coaching, or specifically dating / marriage coaching.   
Whatever you want to call it, I will do my best to make sure you are on a healthy path to get
what you truly deserve and desire.