Love Coach, Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Marriage Coach, Life Coach

What is This Program Exactly?

In a nutshell - I help you identify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there, whatever your goals may be related to - relationships, careers or overall life fulfillment. We focus on discovery, moving forward and achieving balance and peace in our lives.

How Does it Work?

I start off by listening to you describe your goals and reasons for calling me. I then ask the right questions, and we're off! We will review your goals, progress, insights and challenges and navigate it all together in a tough but supportive way. I am known as the 'No-Nonsense coach' for a reason. I won't baby you or charge you just to listen while I write notes on my pad that you'll never get to see. I'll call you out on your shortcomings to achieving your goals, and I'll expect progress. Think of me as a personal trainer who's brutally hard on you but gets you the body you wanted.

How is Coaching Different Than Therapy?

Great question. Some say psychology/therapy is for 'recovery,' whereas coaching is for 'discovery.' Therapy is often focused on the past, while coaching is focused on the future. Therapy can be about healing, while coaching can be about growing. Coaching is usually most effective for those who are already emotionally sound, but are stuck, can take accountability for their current situation and take steps for achieving their goals. Therapy can sometimes be billed to an insurance company, coaching usually can not. Therapy may typically not work if done for only one or two sessions. One or two good sessions in coaching under the right circumstance can work wonders for someone. Many times, one can utilize both a therapist and a coach for similar, but still different purposes. Not sure which one is right for you? Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION now to help figure it out.

How is Coaching Different Than a Friend's Advice?

A good coach is more objective and not biased. Many times a friend may be hesitant to speak his or her true mind to avoid hurting your feelings, or they may just not be adequately experienced to give you the advice you need compared to a professional. A coach will not grow tired of your problems or let outside factors affect the coaching work. A coach will monitor your progress and work with you throughout the process to achieve the goals you seek.

What Type of People Do You Work With?

Working professionals to artists, housewives to grandparents, broken-hearted souls to hopeless romantics, bodybuilders to charity workers. You get the point. Anyone looking forward to moving on from something in life can benefit from life coaching.

Should I Buy Your Book First?

The book is a great read, and while I would love for everyone to rush out and buy a copy, some are 'reached' more through verbal communication while others are reached through seeing it in writing first. If you buy the book and read it before or while you're going through the coaching program, I'll probably give you a free session out of it if you press me. The book focuses on creating lasting love, but it is great for general goal-setting (and achieving!) as it covers many things from finding your path in life, how to achieve it, finding the right relationships, and how to keep them in your life.

What Will I Get Out of All This?

We are shooting for whatever realistic (and maybe even what you thought were unrealistic) goals you are willing to work towards, with my help. Stronger/better relationships Personal and professional growth Confidence to make better decisions more quickly. Healthier lifestyle. Fulfillment.  A pony (legal disclaimer - kidding about this, just seeing if you're paying attention).

How Long Do I Need to Do This?

Many coaches typically throw out the 3-month time frame. This is almost like calling a doctor and saying you don't feel well, and want to know what's wrong. It depends on many situations - what the primary goal/'problem' is, where you are in your personal life in regards to ability to handle this situation, how often you are doing coaching in a set time frame, etc. I offer a free introductory session that will help give you a better idea of what we are looking at. Keep in mind that I don't like working with people who won't work on themselves, and my goal is really to get you done as soon as possible. I'm not in this for the money.

Is There a Contract or a Commitment of Time?

Just your commitment to yourself. You can call me for the free session and never call me again. This works both ways. If I feel like you're wasting both of our time, I may just not work with you and refer you to someone else. I don't want your money as much as I want you to be successful at achieving your goals.

Why Are You the One For Me?

Read my home page to see what I think of most other therapists and coaches. Read my logo up top as well. Effective. Practical. Reasonable. I'm tough, I don't placate or sugarcoat, I won't small-talk with you about the weather or your weekend. I've probably seen/handled your situation before, and am ready to help you.

How Do I Pay?

Go to the Coaching page now and select either the introductory session or a free session.  Then pick the time block during which you'd like me to call you, hit 'Submit,' pay via Credit Card or Paypal and you're done.

Are My Payments Secure?

Yes. All payments are SSL-encrypted and run through CCNow, a large merchant services firm specializing in payment processing. These guys don't mess around.

Is This All Confidential?

Just like therapy, individual sessions are fully confidential, and every effort is made to ensure your privacy. No information will be shared with outside sources except when all parties have given written permission or when it is required by law enforcement. Note: If you're doing something where law enforcement could be / would want to be involved, don't call me!

What if I Have Other Questions?

Email me - dylan@dylanthrasher.com - and I will make every attempt to get back to you as soon as possible.

You can call it love coaching or relationship coaching. General life coaching, or specifically dating / marriage coaching.   
Whatever you want to call it, I will do my best to make sure you are on a healthy path to get
what you truly deserve and desire.