What is the L.I.P.S. Vision?

The whole nature of the L.I.P.S. vision and overall lifestyle program is based on core fundamentals of relationship happiness, progression, and success. These crucial components are as follows: Love, Intimacy, Passion, Support.

These fundamentals are what really make a relationship thrive, and it is within them that you can have a relationship that is consuming in positivity but never controlling, surprising in how much you give willfully but never pressured. It is a way of life that will make it easy for you to always do the right thing, and you'll never feel the need to complain about doing something for the person you're with.

We live in a quick-fix society, where the integrated pieces of L.I.P.S. are forgotten, ignored, or even worse, never believed in. The younger demographics grow up in single-parent homes, and everything they see, from their older peer influences to the media, shows either a complete disbelief or complete ignorance of true, lasting love. Advice books, columns, and seminars have exploded over the past 10 years to never-before-seen levels, dispensing a selfish tone to dealing with the problem, almost accepting that things are screwed up and pushing people to manipulate their ways around it to make it work for themselves only. You've seen all sorts of products claiming, "Get Him to Marry You in x Months," "Get Her to Have a Threesome," and anything else you can imagine. But where are the materials extolling the purity of building something beautiful from the very beginning and keeping it that way?

Yes, we live in a messed-up society. Yes, many people you meet have quite a lot of issues and are not ideal relationship-fare. However, the L.I.P.S. vision is centered on meeting someone who you have amazing chemistry with (and we will show you how to find that), who makes a beautiful relationship seem natural. From there, you are simply really good to them, as they should be to you. Life will bring many obstacles into your way. If your actions enhance your love, intimacy, passion, and support for one another, you will do what it takes and make the right decision hopefully the large majority of the time. If your actions take away from your love, intimacy, passion, and/or support for one another, well, why would you do it, innocent mistakes aside?

How many relationship problems would disappear if couples focused on increasing their L.I.P.S. instead of pursuing selfish paths? How much time would be saved if once people saw their partners willingly decreasing their L.I.P.S. components by the actions they took repeatedly, if instead of fighting about it, they spent their time finding and appreciating someone who would not do the same? Not only are L.I.P.S. the foundation of the most happiness you can ever achieve from a relationship, but they also feel great pressed against your own. Why would anyone sane ever do anything to ruin that?

You can call it love coaching or relationship coaching. General life coaching, or specifically dating / marriage coaching.   
Whatever you want to call it, I will do my best to make sure you are on a healthy path to get
what you truly deserve and desire.