Date Coaching

Approaching anyone, anywhere. Making it happen. Phone numbers, dates, choice. Hearing ‘you’re such a good conversationalist’ as much as ‘you’re such a good listener.’ Having the body language that drips confidence. Not playing any games, writing your own game. Appreciating every interaction, and eliminating ‘date fatigue’ that so many go through. Having everyone think that you date so effortlessly, without being aware of your past and how difficult it may have been for you. The new you, the you that demands respect not just from your words, but with actions that others happily give you. They want to get to know you more and more. They want to look at you as not just a date or a few weeks, but as someone that they want to strive to earn. No games, no tricks, no matter whether you’re a man or a woman, this program can work for you – you need to take the first step, however with the Date Coaching program.